Ring of Honor

The New Haven Football Officials Ring of Honor was established in 2019 to honor past and present members of the New Haven board for their dedication to officiating football, but more importantly their dedication to the N.H.F.O.A.
The Ring of Honor was also established so that current and future members of the board will know the rich history of the N.H.F.O.A. and the men who made the board what it is today.
These following 11 men were outstanding Officials on the field and dedicated their time off the field to the Board.

Albie Booth
Vin Reilly
Henry Roche
Fred Ghirardini
Vin Morrissey
Steve Narracci
Dave Holdwright
Ned Conlan
Nick Norcott
Dan Martin
Larry Griffin


The N.H.F.O.A. Ring of Honor is a very special award. To receive this honor each nominee must meet the following criteria to be considered for this prestigious award.
1) Individual was an active member of the N.H.F.O.A. for a minimum of 25 years. This requirement does not have to be 25 years as a working official.
2) Individual was a well-regarded football official by his peers, coaches and school administrators.
3) Individual also served in other capacities on the Board for the betterment of the entire association.
4) Individual is no longer an active working field official. An individual who is retired from officiating, but is still active with the Board in another capacity will be considered, but this person would have to be off the field for a minimum of 5 years.
To be considered for this prestigious honor the person under consideration will have to set the standard in all of the above criteria.

(Additional content and bios to be added later)